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Characteristic illustration in all exenplos allegories, the lion king talks to the other beasts. 15th- century German manuscript.

Libro de los Exenplos por A.B.C.

Ms. Espagnol 432 of the B. N. of Paris and Ms. 1182 of the B. N. of Madrid

John E. Keller and Connie L. Scarborough

The Libro de los Exenplos por A.B.C. by Clemente Sánchez de Vercial, archidiacon of Valderas, in León, Spain, (c. 1435), is the largest collection of stories in medieval Spanish and it is the only Spanish collection of moralizing and didactic stories organized in alphabetical order to appear during the Middle Ages. Its sources are more numerous than any other Spanish medieval work, except the histories of Alfonso X, and it contains more plots and themes than any other work.

Sources and Studies: Stories found in other collections such as, for example, the Disciplina clericalis, Castigos e Documentos, Facta e dicta memorabilia and El Conde Lucanor, are all included in the Libro de los Exenplos por A.B.C.


Our edition: The present edition includes the complete and revised texts of Ms. Espagnol 432 from the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris and Ms. 1182 from the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, along with an introduction by John E. Keller and Connie L. Scarborough and a current bibliography.

Readership: The book is ideal for anyone interested in medieval Spanish literature, the Arabic and Latin cultural heritage of Spanish, and 15th-century Spain. It is an important text for both students and professors and an edition that should form part of all university library collections.

John E. Keller, author of more than 40 books, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky where he has a chair named in his honor (as well). King Juan Carlos I has named him Knight in the Order of Isabel la Católica and he also has been honored as a Comendador in the Order of Alfonso X.

Connie L. Scarborough is Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of Cincinnati. She is the editor of the Bulletin of the Cantigueiros de Santa Maria, an international journal devoted to research on Alfonso X. She is the author of Women in Thirteenth-Century Spain as Portrayed by Alfonso X's Cantigas de Santa Maria. She has also published an edition of Castigos y dotrinas que un sabio daba a sus hijas and is the author of numerous articles and reviews.

  • Volume contains 416 pages and measures 165 x 240 mm
  • High-quality pale bone paper of 100gr.
  • Full leather binding with ribbed spine plus a case.
  • ISBN: 84-923986-2-0
  • List Price: US$ 150 plus delivery expenses

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